[Samba] Can't get SAMBA to send winpopups properly

Rob Tanner rtanner+samba at linfield.edu
Thu Jul 3 15:55:38 GMT 2003


I am configuring SAMBA 2.2.7 to act as a print server to do chargeback
cost accounting.  It is a member of the NT domain and has no user
accounts.  Using the %U variable I am able to track print jobs without a
hitch.  But the other thing I need to be able to do is send the user a
popup with his/her balance.  I would like to be able to send this popup
after every printjob, but the only mechanisms I see are applicable to
connecting and ending the session.

For testing I added the exec and postexec parameters to the printer def in
smb.conf.  In both cases the parameter is set to '/bin/echo "Hello World"
| /usr/bin/smbclient -M %m' (less the enclosing single quotes).  But what
I get when I logon and logout from a windows xp box is nothing.  From the
command line, it works just fine, but within the samba config it doesn't.

Any ideas?


Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR

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