[Samba] Caution: "admin users" and roaming profiles

Joe Dougherty dougherty at nlmof.navy.mil
Thu Jul 3 14:22:58 GMT 2003

    This is information that might be useful to others, as it drove me nuts
until I could figure it out what I did incorrectly.

    I recently installed the 3.0beta and moved everything from 2.2.8a. I'm
still in testing mode, so I rejoined the domain the the few test machines,
and have been deleting and rebuilding test user profiles as I check things
    The problem I had occurred with the roaming profiles created for uses on
their first login. I would create the user account and smbpasswd entry, log
in with the account on the Windows 2000 client. The roaming profile would be
created on the Samba server. The user could log and out all day, no

    However, I discovered that when I initially logged in with two test
accounts I created for myself, the profile would be created, but when I
tried to log off, the roaming profile wouldn't copy back. If I subsequently
tried to login again using the same account, I'd get a "can't read the
profile" error, and a temporary profile would be created on the client.
    I later discovered that the roaming profiles were being created as owner
`root`, group `root`, even thoug I was logging in as "joe" and "joedoc".
Since "root" owned the new profiles, and I was loggin in as myself, it
wouldn't read the profile.

    I found that the global setting "admin users  =  joe joedoc" in smb.conf
was the source of the problem. I removed the line, deleted the profiles,
then logged in from the client again using those user accounts. The new
profiles were created with user joe, group users, as expected.

    Hope this helps.

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