[Samba] Strange File locking problems

Dr. Peter Hopfgarter hopfgartner at rolmail.net
Thu Jul 3 08:02:14 GMT 2003

Dear community members,

we set up samba-3.0-beta1 on Debian Linux 3.0. This was done
taking the Debian unstable package and recompiling it for Debian stable.

The kernel is 2.4.20 from Debian testing with a patch for the RAID
controller in Dell Poweredge 2600.

The server is running quite fine since two weeks and serving 9 PC
(running WinNT, Win2k and WinXP),
providing them mostly with AutoCAD and Excel files.

Anyway, from time to time the users are not able to save the changes to a
document, since Windows sayed that the file is locked (by the same user).
Apparently this seems to happen only with Excel and Word files, not with
AutoCAD files.

We have tried both, oplock = yes and oplock = no.

We are not using ACLs at the moment. We are using tdb. Everything else is
quite standard.

The share have a "force group = users" option. Unix file permissions
should be fine.

Thank you for your attention,


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