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Dear friends,

The June issue of the cultural magazine 'tarang - the wave' is now
available online at http://GreatIndiaOnline.com/taranga/postid=7370214117664

Please take a few minutes to check it out and download the PDF file.

In this issue (June 2003) :

    * marriage and women

        On May 11, 2003, in New Delhi, a greedy groom and
        his parents demanded more dowry at the most vulnerable
        moment. When hundreds of guests are enjoying the
        function and wedding ceremonies were moments away.
        But the durgaa in the bride Nisha Sharma arose to
        confront the situation and called the police instead.

        Contrary to popular belief and many present day
        social practices, women have been given a lot more
        rights, property and respect by the society which
        have been abused by individual greed and ignorance.
        A closer look at the very sourcebooks of Hindu
        social constitution provides an interesting read
        and insight into present day marriage customs!

        Discussion on women's rights, roles, types of
        marriages as per Classical Indian Scriptures.

    *   Rath Yatra of Lord Jagganath 

    *   Spirituality - The three motivations of doing good!

    *   Yoga - kati-chakra-aasana and the three shaantiH

    *   Young Tarang - for the kids

    * and much more

WE INVITE articles for future issues from readers.

ARTICLES should be less than one page, about 700-900 words. They
should always be sent only as inline TEXT in email.

thanking you,
shashi joshi
for the entire tarang team

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