[Samba] Re: win2000 service pack 4 - samba 2.2.2

Christian Newe cn at tf.uni-kiel.de
Wed Jul 2 13:53:15 GMT 2003

> We have noticed the same problem here running FreeBSD/samba 2.2.8a - 
 > any more detailed explination of the fix would be appreciated.

It´s the same for me on several (tested) W2k-Workstations. To move the 
windows profile directory to the windows server is not proposed at my side.

One more information: After installing SP4 (online update or full 
network update), there will be _no_ _error_ _message_, when there is a 
local copy of the windows user profile. Changes to the profile will not 
be stored to the samba server at logout, changes remain on the local 
copy of the profile.

Therefore, w2k-users may not have realized, that a problem exists (irony 
in this sentence not intended).

      C. Newe

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