[Samba] Unwanted permission changes

Stephan Bolten An.Stephan at gmx.de
Wed Jul 2 12:15:51 GMT 2003


I am using SuSE 8.2 with samba-2.2.7a-72 as a PDC. The ext3 partitions
are mounted with the acl option and I can modify the ACL permissions
with the setfacl tool. When I create a file on a share from a Windows
client, the default rights specified in the ACL are applied correctly.
But when I save the file a second time, the permissions for the owner
and the owning group (which have explicitly named permissions) are no
more listed in the ACL. The ACL permissions  of  the owner and group
then are

# owner: bolten
# group: admins

instead of "rwx" which the "named permissions" had before:

# owner: bolten
# group: admins

This effect is caused by some applications like Word, Excel, but also
some non-M$ ones. Other apps like e.g. Notepad don't cause this mess. Is
this a common problem, or is there an error in my configuration? 
I considered setting  "force security mode = 770" but not all files
created by a user should be accessible by the whole group. It should be
directory dependent with the default permissions.

Can somenone confirm this problem and / or tell me if there is a

Thank you in advance!

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