[Samba] winbind and NIS+NFS

Harry h3 at ucla.edu
Tue Jul 1 23:43:20 GMT 2003

Does winbind play well with NIS (or vice versa)? In my initial test, it
doesn't seem that a machine that is running winbind will serve the user list
over NIS to NIS clients.
[ w2k3/ads ]  --winbind-->  [ Server 1 ]  --NIS-->  [ Server 2 ]

I'd like to be able to authenticate connections (ssh/login) to Server 2 using
the same logins as on Server 1 (samba) and the Windows domain. The Server
1/winbind part is work OK for the most part now, but I'm not sure how to
proceed with getting Server 2 into the mix.

My understanding is that if I were to separately run winbind on Server 2
instead of using NIS, there would be no assurance that the uid/gid maps would
be consistent between the two *nix machines which would cause problems as
Server 1 will be NFS exporting to Server 2.

Am I missing some simple answer or is this not possible?


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