[Samba] Emailing links from Samba DFS fileserver

Senior Ryan SeniorRyan at JohnDeere.com
Tue Jul 1 18:04:44 GMT 2003


    I have a Samba DFS server set up (self compiled, running version 2.2.5)
on a RedHat 7.3 box and I'm having a strange problem with my Windows 2000
clients.  The problem occurs when we try to email a link to a file on the
Samba server to another user.  It happens with various types of files, but
as an example, let's say I email a link to an Excel document to another
\\frg1\shared\ew ops plan\2003\Deployment Matrix\FY03OpsPlanDeployment.xls

The user recipient then clicks on the link, the Link Location Browser pops
up, acting like it can't find the file.  It works if the user copies the
link into the Windows "Run" box, or into Windows Explorer or even if the
user navigates to it using the Link Location Browser, but it can't find it
when it is clicked on in the email.  If the user navigates to that file or
goes to Start->Run and punches it in, it will stay in cache and the user can
click on it in the email and it will work fine.

If the link points to one of the Windows 2000 Servers, it will load when it
is clicked on, so it's specific to Samba.  Also Windows XP clients seem to
not have a problem loading the links either.

Anybody have any ideas?  Anyone seen this problem before?

Thanks for the help,


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