[Samba] Prevent Samba from setting the execute bit (with inherit ACLs set to YES) ?

f.pospischil at telenet-ag.de f.pospischil at telenet-ag.de
Tue Jul 1 10:38:49 GMT 2003

Hi there ....

Linux (redhat 9.0) does not set the execute-bits for new files, (even with
umask set to 777) by default.

Why does samba ?

When default ACLs are set, samba explicitly sets the mode to 777 for new
files and directories, and then somehow corrects them according to the
default ACLs.
As the default ACLs have to contain an executable bit to allow access to
newly created directories, every new file will have this bit set, too.

Is it possible to tell samba to treat new files and new directories in
different ways to reflect standard unix behavior ? ( i.e. set mode to 666
for files and 777 for dirs)

BTW, even setting the force security to 666 does not prevent the file from
beeing created with 777 ...

We use samba 2.2.8a on redhat 9.0 with XFS as a plattform for cross-system

Help is very much appreciated ...

Frank Pospischil
Leiter IT
Telenet AG Rhein-Main
Darmstadt, Germany
Web: http://www.telenet-ag.de

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