[Samba] So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads

Brian Johnson bjohnson at jecinc.on.ca
Fri Jan 31 15:09:29 GMT 2003

Would you mind pointing us to a howto that works?

In my case, I'd like samba to download native win98 drivers to Win98 clients

Gerald (Jerry) Carter (jerry at samba.org) wrote*:
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>On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Robert M. Martel wrote:
>> So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads.  That is about the
>> only conclusion that I can come to at this point.  I've not been able to
>> get Windows printer driver downloads to work right since Samba 2.2.2.
>> No one but printer admins displays the correct settings for printers,
>> everyone else gets the original printer defaults that they cannot
>> change.
>Did you initialize the driver bound to the printer?
>> Does anyone *REALLY* have downloading printer drivers to Windows 2000
>> clients working properly?  Has anyone documented the steps as the ones
>> in the available documentation DON'T work?
>Works fine here (on a daily basis).  Not sure what to tell you with more
>If you want to tell me exactly how you do it, I'll be glad to review the
>cheers, jerry
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