[Samba] exel

Luk Vermeylen luk at vermeylen.org
Fri Jan 31 22:59:01 GMT 2003


I'm having a weird problem.
I have exel files with links in it to other exel files.
When I share the map on a windows server (or windows os) eveything works.
When I share it on a samba server it doesn't.
When I open the file, it asks to enable macro's (I need them so say yes) -
everything fine - After that It asks if I want to rework/check the links
(don't know if reworks is the good word). If I say no, everything ok, when I
say yes, exel hangs on reworking the links. With Open Office, I don't have
this problem.
I'm using samba 2.2.5 (with acl) on a 2.2.18 kernel

ps the files are copied from he old NT4 server to the samba server. Did a
chmod -R 777  on the files to test, but don't think it's a permission
issue - can write and read the files- and if the files are open, it works

Luk Vermeylen

Somebody had this problem before?

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