[Samba] Moterboard help Please

Elijah Savage III esavage at digitalrage.org
Fri Jan 31 18:44:09 GMT 2003

Yes Phoenix 4.0 ver 6 is the correct one. At this point I do not care
which one I got to I just want to get the machine back up and working.

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They might be able to help you.

Do you know what BIOS it used initially? Was it Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Ver. 
6.0?  It might also be worthwhile then to call Phoenix tech support. ( 
http://www.phoenix.com )

Also, where did you find the wrong BIOS?  Can't you go back there, find 
a new BIOS that will work and flash it to that?  That is, why go back to

the original (which we can't find) when you know it won't support the 
larger hard drives?  The quest should be for a new BIOS that will be 
compatible, no?

Elijah Savage III wrote:

>I meant to include Off topic in the subject line. There is not list for
>something like this that I know of and I have been a user of this
>mailing list for about 2 years and figured one of you out there might
>have this motherboard and be able to send me the bios for it.
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>I believe you have the wrong mail list for this type of problem, but 
>maybe my brain just isn't working today and I'm wrong.
>Elijah Savage III wrote:
>>I have been terribly pleased with openbsd 3.2 I was using it as a
>>mail/samba server with postifx on a pentium pro 200 with 1 gig of
>>memory. Well I wanted to add a larger harddrive than what I have in it
>>now only 6.4 gig. Well the machine would not see it and for some
>>after hours and hours of trying I can't get a tekram 395UW and a 18gig
>>scsi to be the boot drive and having failed I was stuck with IDE. I
>>finally got tired of it being this way and decided to flash the
>>motherboard which is a Micronics Invader ATX m8s-fin motherboard. Well
>>dumb me I flashed it with the wrong bios. And I can't find the
>>bios on the net anywhere do any of you all have this motherboard and
>>send me the bios for it or possibly know where I can find it. Any of
>>your help would be greatly appreciated. And before I flashed it, it
>>not ask me to backup the prior bios.
>>I would just hate to trash this setup. The machine still works but
>>this current bios only the first pci slot works which means I can't
>>a nic card or anything in it.
>>Thank you
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