[Samba] Moterboard help Please

Elijah Savage III esavage at digitalrage.org
Fri Jan 31 16:27:02 GMT 2003

I meant to include Off topic in the subject line. There is not list for
something like this that I know of and I have been a user of this
mailing list for about 2 years and figured one of you out there might
have this motherboard and be able to send me the bios for it.

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I believe you have the wrong mail list for this type of problem, but 
maybe my brain just isn't working today and I'm wrong.


Elijah Savage III wrote:

>I have been terribly pleased with openbsd 3.2 I was using it as a
>mail/samba server with postifx on a pentium pro 200 with 1 gig of
>memory. Well I wanted to add a larger harddrive than what I have in it
>now only 6.4 gig. Well the machine would not see it and for some reason
>after hours and hours of trying I can't get a tekram 395UW and a 18gig
>scsi to be the boot drive and having failed I was stuck with IDE. I
>finally got tired of it being this way and decided to flash the
>motherboard which is a Micronics Invader ATX m8s-fin motherboard. Well
>dumb me I flashed it with the wrong bios. And I can't find the original
>bios on the net anywhere do any of you all have this motherboard and
>send me the bios for it or possibly know where I can find it. Any of
>your help would be greatly appreciated. And before I flashed it, it did
>not ask me to backup the prior bios.
>I would just hate to trash this setup. The machine still works but with
>this current bios only the first pci slot works which means I can't use
>a nic card or anything in it.
>Thank you
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