[Samba] Windows access problems

Dan Perik dan_perik-work at ntm.org.pg
Fri Jan 31 04:35:20 GMT 2003


I had the pleasure of installing a new Linux(RH8.0)/Samba(2.2.7a) server
(as a PDC) at one of our locations this week.  They previously were
accessing a shared drive from a Win2k Pro. machine.  The migration did
not go very smooth.  Most things have been resolved, but we have some
strange issues that are still causing problems, which I was hoping
someone out there would have some insight on.

1. A day or two after the server was installed, one of the 98 machines
started locking up when opening files, or when left idle for a long
period of time.  (I know this could just be an instability of Windows
98, but being that it started just after the new server installation is

2. A different 98 machine can't open a particular Access 97 database. 
It can open other Access 97 files, but on this particular one, it pretty
much hangs the machine.  This same Access 97 database can be opened just
fine from another machine (a Win 95 machine in particular).  I have 
veto oplocks files = /*.mbd/*.ldb/*.dbf/*.idx/*.cdx/ (I also included
their upper case variants for good measure.) in the smb.conf file to
avoid the oplock problems.

The credibility of the new server (and Linux/Samba) and myself are not
faring well in the minds of these pleasant users, so help would be very
much appreciated.

Thank you,

- Dan Perik
Computer Services Department
Lapilo Center
New Tribes Mission - PNG

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