[Samba] So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads

Robert M. Martel bob at urban.csuohio.edu
Thu Jan 30 19:23:44 GMT 2003

>  I have much trouble with drivers from HP.
>  The drivers that come with w2k XP works.
>  If you have to use the drivers from the manufakturer of the
>  printer try the default devmode parameter in smb.conf
>  to initialize the driver. Once done you can remove
>  the default devmode from smb.conf.
>  Just a try, has worked for me with HP Deskjet 970 driver.
>  Didi 

	Thanks for the note.  I will look into this.  I still perplexed that the 
driver download settings were OK for printer admins, but messed-up for regular 
users.  This looks like the same problem going back to Samba versions prior to 
2.2.2, problems which I had thought fixed.
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