[Samba] Samba File Sharing- Some Doubts?

Sadanapalli, Pradeep Kumar (MED, TCS) Pradeep.Sadanapalli at med.ge.com
Thu Jan 30 16:47:12 GMT 2003

Hi Friends,
I didnot see any response for my previous mail. So I thought I would
post it again.

I want to run Samba on my linux desktop which is on NIS domain. I want
to just share my files on linux box with windows machines on windows

My issues are :

1. Do I need to join the domain for sharing my files with them?
2. Do I need to have a login account for my linux machine on windows
3. If a windows domain member needs to view my files, does he/she need
to have 
   account on my machine or his domain account is enough?
4. Who will authenticate the users for file sharing, my linux box or
windows domain controller? If so, how should
   I configure samba?

If anyone has already explored these issues , pls share with me. Thanks
in advance.


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