[Samba] Compiling 3.0 alpha 21 on HP-UX 11.00

Alexander Skwar askwar at email-server.info
Thu Jan 30 14:09:54 GMT 2003


I'm trying to compile 3.0 alpha 21 on a HP-UX 11.00 machine.  make bombs 
out with the following error message:

lib/snprintf.c:790: conflicting types of `snprintf´
previous declaration of `snprintf´
*** Error exit code 1

I tried to compile it with gcc 3.2, which I got from the HP-UX porting 
centre.  I wanted to use gcc, because I've only got the bundled free cc 
and couldn't run ./configure with this compiler.  It errored out, 
because it couldn't find a way to set seteuid.

I've ran configure like this:

./configure \
	--prefix=/extern/software/misc/samba \
	--with-privatedir=/extern/software/misc/samba/private \
	--with-lockdir=/extern/software/misc/samba/var/locks \
	--with-piddir=/extern/software/misc/samba/var/locks \
	--with-swatdir=/extern/software/misc/samba/swat \
	--with-readline \
	--with-libiconv=/usr/local \
	--with-smbwrapper \
	--with-afs \
	--with-dce-dfs \
	--with-ads \
	--with-krb5=/opt/heimdal \
	--with-ldap \
	--with-xml-prefix=/usr/local \
	--with-automount \
	--with-pam \
	--with-tdbsam \
	--with-nisplus-home \

Did anyone get alpha21 to compile on HP-UX 11.00?

Thanks a lot,

Alexander Skwar
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