[Samba] Re: Problem with Samba PDC and WIN2000

Pierre Lebrun ple000 at artic.fr
Thu Jan 30 09:52:26 GMT 2003

I also get [W        ]. The W2K Server is not added to the domain as a 
server but as a WS.
I can join the machine to the domain but never logon. OS is W2K Server SP2.


NSC - NetworkServiceCenter wrote:
>>I experienced troubles (not solved yet) while joining a domain
>>with a  W2K server.
> i've 2 w2k-server joined as member of my samba2.2.5.a-ldap-domain and it
> worked without problems!
> i joined them with the acctFlags [W          ] and not with [S          ]!
> lg
> thomas

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