[Samba] WINS question

Alexander Kuznetsov iam at alz27.nnov.ru
Thu Jan 30 08:15:20 GMT 2003


Have a trouble.
I have mashine with two interfaces.
Samba running at both with the same name of computer.
In wins-servers wins.dat i see next string:
"GRAND#20" 1044171787 46R

It's ok.

But for ALL mashines in any interfaces with any IP (192.168.1.X or 192.168.2.X)
returned first IP in list:

[2003/01/30 11:03:21, 3] nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c:wins_process_name_query_request(1353)
  wins_process_name_query: name query for name GRAND<20> from IP
[2003/01/30 11:03:21, 3] nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c:wins_process_name_query_request(1398)
  wins_process_name_query: name query for name GRAND<20> returning first IP


Now it's mashine is router for all mashines, and it's not a problem,
but i want remove from they this function (router) and one of the subnet
will must be connect to "GRAND" through router, but this mashine for clients
will be in the same subnet.

May WINS answering there IP for name, that belong subnet where place client ?

Or known You another solve this problem ?


	Alexander Kuznetsov.

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