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Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu Jan 30 03:43:45 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 21:18, Stephanie Law wrote:
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> This is a very elementary question that has probably been asked and answered. If
> this is the case and someone could point me to the answer, that would be great
> as I have not been able to find it. My problem is this: I am a college student
> running Red Hat Linux 7.3. My roommate is running Windows XP. We only have one
> printer between us and would like to be able to share it. As of now, however, I
> have been able to see all the other files she has shared, but not the printer.
> If anyone could point me to directions on how to share printers, that would be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help.

I agree with Joel's comments - but I want to add that you may find a
shell scirpt called smbprint helpful in figuring out how to submit jobs
to the windows queue.  I've had good success with cups printing to
windows hosted printers.


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