[Samba] WinXP failing to join PDC

Simon A. F. Lund dsl4787 at vip.cybercity.dk
Wed Jan 29 22:45:33 GMT 2003

Hello people!

I have set up samba guided by "The Unoffical Samba HOWTO, by David Lechnyr". But for the last 3 hours i have been banging my head into the wall. So i ask for youre help!
The problem is that the WinXP clients fails to join the domain with the error message:
FROM WINXP: "The specified network password is not correct"
FROM LOG: "[2003/01/29 23:27:03, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(563)
  Can't become connected user!"
I run FreeBSD 4.7 and ive added the users by: vipw and smbpasswd -a USERNAME, and added the machine accounts the same way but with $ in the /etc/passwd and -m on smbpasswd.

Any ideas?



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