[Samba] So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads

Robert M. Martel bob at urban.csuohio.edu
Wed Jan 29 21:59:02 GMT 2003

	So SAMBA no longer supports print driver downloads.  That is about the 
only conclusion that I can come to at this point.  I've not been able to get 
Windows printer driver downloads to work right since Samba 2.2.2.
	No one but printer admins displays the correct settings for printers, 
everyone else gets the original printer defaults that they cannot change.
	I've tried this with every version since 2.2.2 up to 2.2.7a and the 
story is the same - printer settings get lost.
	I've built from scratch.  I've taken a working 2.2.2 set-up, verified 
that the drivers loaded correctly for clients, upgraded the server to 2.2.7a and 
had all the settings get lost.
	Does anyone *REALLY* have downloading printer drivers to Windows 2000 
clients working properly?  Has anyone documented the steps as the ones in the 
available documentation DON'T work?
	My apologies for sounding so pissy, I've been fighting with this for 
some time and this mailing list has been strangely silent when I've asked for 
help - except for other people writing me and asking me if I've found a solution 
because they are having the same problem.
	Anyone have suggestions?
	To the developers:  You are doing a HELL of a GREAT job - and I say that 
even with the level of fustration i've got going right now.
	I hear that some de-caf is just as good as regular coffee...
	-Bob Martel
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