[Samba] ANNOUNCEMENT: New Project- Baltra (AFP/SMB services compatibility)

Philip Edelbrock phil at netroedge.com
Wed Jan 29 19:51:25 GMT 2003

(This is a brief announcement of a focused development/refinement of the 
Netatalk project.)

The primary goal of Baltra is to provide a Mac OS X compatible AFP file 
sharing service with Samba 3.0 compatibility.  We are hoping to have an 
AFP file sharing daemon which can run in parallel with Samba 3.0 to 
provide seemless file sharing amoungst SMB-based clients (Windows and 
MacOS-X) as well as keeping good MacOS-9 client support (via AFP).

Specificly, here's what we are trying to do:

- Save files on the server in such a way as to be compatible with OS X 
(resource forks and attributes should be preserved and safely accessable 
via SMB or NFS)
- Build on OS X as well as Linux servers
- Be compatible with OS X clients
- Preserve compatibility with Mac OS 9 clients

Also desired:

- Easy maintenance (simplified code for faster development/debugging)
- High Security
- Efficient/fast - Rock-solid reliability

We need developers and testers!  If you are interested in helping out, 
surf over to our web site:


Phil and the Baltra Team

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