[Samba] Printing irritation

Simon Chappell s.chappell at isnsuk.com
Wed Jan 29 13:39:07 GMT 2003

I have a few smb servers running cups or lpr. the problem i have is that
some sites are turing over many print jobs and eventually printing
stops. I find that the /var partition is full and on investigation
/var/spool/samba is full of smbprn.blah.blah files. when i dlete the
files printing is again fine and i have loads of space on the var
partition (1-2gig normally). On some servers i have put a line in
crontab to remove these files at 11pm every night which seems to work ok
but I am not sure it is not just a bodge to get round a problem.

Any ideas would be greatly received.
I have trawled google and mailing lists and it looks like i have created
a new problem!


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