[Samba] Error with SMBCLIENT (Called name not present)

Adrian Wilford adrianw at peregrine.co.za
Wed Jan 29 12:47:21 GMT 2003

Hi All,
I am using Samba 2.2.7a, and i have found that i have a problem when i
use 'smbclient' to list data about a windows 2000 machine on our network -
this is the following output:

    # smbclient -L // -U "domain\administrator"
    added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
    session request to failed (Called name not present)
    session request to 172 failed (Called name not present)
    Domain=[DOMAIN] OS=[Windows 5.0] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]

        Sharename        Type        Comment
        ---------               ----            -------
        share1                Disk
        IPC$                  IPC            Remote IPC
        ADMIN$          Disk           Remote Admin
        C$                     Disk           Default share

        Server                                Comment
        ---------                                -------
        LINUXSERVER               Samba 2.2.7a

        Workgroup                   Master
        ---------                           -------
        DEBIAN_FANS          DEBMASTER

Any help would be appreciated!


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