[Samba] Multiple domain browselist over a wanlink

%%jrrs spieg at phair.csh.rit.edu
Wed Jan 29 05:50:55 GMT 2003

[ On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Andre Meij wrote: ]
[ Nope, same result :( ]

  hi andre.

  for what it's worth, i had a browselist synch problem over a VPN

  it wouldn't make sense for this to work, but i put the NETBIOS
  name of the computers in question in the "remote announce", "remote
  browse synch" smb.conf config options, *rather* than that IPs that
  had previously been there, and i stopped seeing a "unable to obtain
  list from 192.168.23.xxx" in the log.nmbd that had been there the whole

  everything totally worked with the NETBIOS name.  the PCs knew each
  other's netbios names already, and the names do not deviate from the
  IPs i had been using; but after putting the NETBIOS name in the conf, 
  my log.nmbd shows several successful browse list synchronizations.

  you could try that, i suppose.

  ( btw, both PCs involved in the list synch are on different VPN sub-
  nets and are domain master browsers for different workgroups -- one of
  them is the WINS server ).


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