[Samba] Multiple Samba Instances on a Single Distribution.

Ryan Fulcher rfulcher at digipen.edu
Wed Jan 29 01:30:44 GMT 2003

Hello, I am wondering if anyone else has thought that it might be good
to be able to run multiple instances of samba on a single machine ?

I currently accomplish this task with VMware and multiple vm's.

But it seems to me that it may be simpler if samba were able to
run multiple instenses, with unique configs and smbpasswds,
binding to unique aliased ethernet devices!

Such that on a single Linux server you might run:
Samba:0 Domain_0 on eth0:0
Samba:1 Domain_1 on eth0:1
Samba:2 Domain_2 on eth0:2
Samba:x Domain_x on eth0:x 10.10.10.xx

Is there already a way to acomplish this?
Would this be worth trying to implament?
Is there a good reason NOT to attempt to do this?

I want to do this because it would allow me to build a single
server that is capable of acting like dozens of DC's, saving me
hardware, space, and management headaches...

ThanX, L8r
 Ryan (rfulcher at digipen.edu) - not on the list yet :(

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