[Samba] Samba 3 & ADS current capabilities

Rick Segeberg rick.segeberg at waterford.org
Tue Jan 28 20:39:56 GMT 2003

I have been working to get a Samba 3 (alpha 21) on Red Hat 8.0 to work with our current Windows 2000 ADS.  This is "pure" ADS (ie. no compatibility mode).  Our desire is to have various samba servers join the domain and use the domain to authenticate users to the samba servers.  It's my understanding that winbind is necessary. 
I've followed lots of HOWTO's and various articles as well as search the list archives and have not gotten it to work and have not found quite what I am looking for (although much has still been very helpful).  I was able to successfully have the samba server join the domain (it shows up in ADS), and I can authenticate to the w2k box  from the samba box just fine.  But, I cannot authenticate back to samba box from a windows workstation (which is logged into the domain) unless I also have the login name and password in the smbpasswd file.  Also, when I try any of the wbinfo tests, they fail.
I understand it's still in alpha and just to make sure I'm not trying something that's not available/working yet, I need to know if this is possible.  So the question is:
Can a workstation in the ADS domain be authenticated to a samba 3 server via W2K ADS (with no compatibility mode)?
If so - can you point me in the right direction for more info on how to make it work?  I'd be glad to include my config files, logs, etc so some one can eyeball them and let me know what I'm missing.  But, before doing that, I want to make sure I'm not just chasing something that's not available yet..
Thanks for your help.


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