[Samba] Question

Esler, Joel EslerJ at RCERT-S.ARMY.MIL
Tue Jan 28 18:53:20 GMT 2003

Since I put alot of reliability in listservs....  
I want to do the following things.  I run a Linux server on a completely
Win2K network.  I want the Linux server, when someone's password is updated
through the domain controller, to automatically update the Linux server, so
when we update someone's password, or disable someones account in Win2k
domain, it also disables it on the Linux server.  
I want to be able to set up a partition (say "/home") on my linux server,
where people can just go into Network Neighborhood and go into their share
folder in the Linux server as if it were just a F/P server in a win domain.
I am assuming Samba does both of these.  However, I dont' know how...  can
someone point me in the right direction.

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