[Samba] File size limit = 2G?

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Tue Jan 28 17:37:36 GMT 2003

On January 28, eds at pdq.net said:
> The linux box can see the large Windows files, but does not see their
> correct sizes -- it reports an absurdly big size when using ls -l. Files
> less 
> that 2GB show up correctly. Trying to create a 3G file on the Windows box
> from the linux box, using:

Looks to me like you're using smbmnt, which isn't technically part of
samba - it's part of the kernel. Urban Widmark has patches to enable
large file support at http://www.hojdpunkten.ac.se/054/samba/ 

Note, this was discussed in the archives recently. Use the archive
search at marc.theaimsgroup.com before posting questions.

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