[Samba] password syncronization

Leonardo Fogel leonardofogel at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jan 28 17:00:27 GMT 2003

>  But when I check whether the unix password is also
> changed or not I see
> it is not changed. Hence the two passwords are not
> syncronized.
>  What is the problem?

>   unix password sync = yes
>          passwd chat = *"New password:"* %n\n
> *"Retype new password:"*
> %n\n *"Success"*a
>  passwd program = /usr/sbin/passwd
>  min password length = 6
>    passwd chat debug = true

Remember the passwd program is called AS ROOT if the
'unix password sync' is set to 'yes'. So, you may be
changing root´s passwd.
Have you tried 'passwd program = /usr/sbin/passwd %u'?
It must work!

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