[Samba] Can't unzip package

Christian Campbell ccampbell at brueggers.com
Tue Jan 28 16:36:03 GMT 2003

I just upgraded to Solaris 8, and downloaded the the following binary
package from www.samba.org <http://www.samba.org> :
When trying to gunzip it, here is my output:
/home/ccampbell # gunzip samba-2.2.7-sol8-suncc-64bit.pkg.gz 
gunzip: samba-2.2.7-sol8-suncc-64bit.pkg.gz: not in gzip format

/home/ccampbell # file samba-2.2.7-sol8-suncc-64bit.pkg.gz 
samba-2.2.7-sol8-suncc-64bit.pkg.gz:    English text
Yes...I did FTP in binary mode.  I'm used to Solaris 2.6 and tar.Z files,
not pkg.gz files.
Any help would be appreciated!  

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