[Samba] Policies with Samba as PDC for a Win 2k-XP client

laurent at idbconsulting.com laurent at idbconsulting.com
Tue Jan 28 13:40:00 GMT 2003

first of all i use samba 2.2.5
My Samba is a PDC for 20 box under win2k/winXP
I created a ntconfig.pol with poledit and i put it in the netlogon
The policies of my windows client changed.
Some of the policies was not good so i decided to recreate my ntconfig.pol
and to replace it in the netlogon dir. but the policies didn't change on my
client !
I verified that there was no other .pol on the serveur.

PS :I turned on the automatique update of my policies.(I am not sure this
is that...) and now my client could not find my new ntconfig.pol

help me !! :)


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