[Samba] Beginner feeling a little better now

narsimha.kulkarni at bt.com narsimha.kulkarni at bt.com
Tue Jan 28 13:08:28 GMT 2003

am gettin SMBserver failed. 

am attaching the testparm dump

pl help me out

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Mark Butcher wrote:

"What I can not yet do is transfer data from the Linux box to a Windows PC
from the Linux machine - I don't know how to view the network !!!!"

Previous posts suggest you are using SuSE. If so, one way to look at the
network in a friendly environment is to go to Yast2's "Install/Remove
Software" and search for "LinNeighborhood". Install it. It should be in
Internet Tools now. Run it and click Add for each Windows computer you want
to add to the network. By typing in the name of the computer and clicking
Query it should fill in the rest of the info like IP address, so you don't
have to know it.

Click on one of the windows computers that shows up and you should get a
list of available drives. Click on a drive and then click MOUNT. You will
likely have to mount it as root, so check off that box and enter your root
password. It defaults to mounting the drive in
/home/[linuxusername]/mnt/[windowscomputername]/[windowsdrivename]. Now if
you were in Konqueror or whatever and wanted to save a file to that windows
computer, it should work no problem.

If any of this doesn't work it might be because I have NFS up and running,
so if the above doesn't work (I think it will) then investigate installing
an NFS server and NFS client on your linux box. (Although I think that
should only affect communication between linux boxes not linux/windows, but
I don't know much more than you!)


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