[Samba] RE: linux server completely hangs copying files with samba

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Jan 28 09:46:57 GMT 2003

>so, after infinite tries and different combination of bios
>settings, modules loaded, ethernet adapter i concluded that
>what makes the system crash is having the ----  usb-ohci.o
>----- module loaded; i removed all the modules installed by
>mandrake and it was ok for at least 100 GB of transfer;
>loading the usb-ohci.o module even during copying makes the 
>system crash after a time between few seconds and 5 minutes.
>when it crashes the ide led remains lit, so must be some
>problem involved with ide as dragan said. making few changes
>in the bios i had ether card and usb sharing irq 9; i thought
>was the reason, but letting the ether card have irq 9 and the
>usb irq 11 was giving the same problem; pratically speaking i
>don't need usb, so i can leave the module unloaded or even
>better disable it from bios; but teoretically speaking it
>would be nice to understand what is going on; with usb-ohci.o
>loaded it happens only with large transfer rates, so
>disabling dma is not giving crash; even ricompiling the
>kernel, which i don't understand why the transfer rate of the 
>ethernet card become slower (any suggestion why?) saves from

There must be more to it than just usb-ohci.o. Disabling
USB from BIOS didn't do any good for me. On the other hand,
even after installing the system on a SCSI drive I used two
IDE drives in a striped configuration for the samba shares
and never had any problems with it.

In my experience the kernel panic only occurs if some system
partition, probably swap, resides on an IDE disk with DMA.
How USB module enters the picture is not clear to me. Both
USB and IDE are on-board. SCSI is not. A Promise PCI IDE card
would probably work without problem.

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