[Samba] Win2k DC no longer authenticates for Samba shares

Gaffey, Mike MGaffey at fastekintl.com
Mon Jan 27 20:24:55 GMT 2003

I have a win2k domain ... 2 of the client machines are Red Hat (7.3 and
8.0).  I set everything up to use the DC to authenticate ID/PW.  Everything
worked perfectly until a week or so ago ... Samba would automatically create
a home folder and the whole nine yards.  Now I can see the shares on the
Samba machines, but I can't access them ... just prompts for the ID/PW over
and over.  I can mount windows shares from the Linux boxes with no problems.
I get "access denied" in the DC event logs when I try to access the Samba
shares.  If I run "wbinfo" on the linux boxes, it shows me the domain users.
The only thing I can remember doing to the windows machines is running
windowsupdate and applying all the "critical" patches ... same thing w/ the
linux boxes ... just the auto updates from Red Hat.

Any ideas?

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