[Samba] Samba as PDC for WinXP, Win98 and Win95

joao marka samba at kildare.com.br
Mon Jan 27 20:01:04 GMT 2003

well.. let´s see this step by step...

have you aplied the registry changes (signorseal) ?
created Machine accounts on the server ?

(I will not give up until your XP join the domain!)

At 16:44 27/01/03, Jerome Warnier wrote:
>joao marka wrote:
>>well, just to let ya know my case, the first macine w/ xp pro i´ve 
>>installed here, i´ve tried everything (including the signorseal patch) 
>>and it didn´t worked out... just after the service pack...
>>the second machine, i´ve just installed the service pack 1 and... voila! 
>>it joined the domain without need to run the signorseal patch......
>I can now confirm the XP stations on which I failed have XP Pro and SP1 
>Anyone has another (better) idea?
>>i don´t know if someone had the same experience w/ XP ( just one litle 
>>detail... brazilian portuguese version...)
>>but, anyway, try the patch!
>>At 15:48 27/01/03, Michael Paarmann wrote:
>>>If done the same job, but i've replaced a novell server with a samba pdc 
>>>based on SuSE Linux. I had different problems with Win XP Pro, but none 
>>>with the other WinOS.
>>>Have you installed the "SignOrSeal"-Patch? Without this, you can't logon 
>>>with a win xp machine on a samba domain.
>>>Use Google to find this patch.

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