[Samba] Beginner feeling a little better now

Mark Butcher M_J_BUTCHER at compuserve.com
Mon Jan 27 19:08:07 GMT 2003

Hi Samba Mailing list

Many thanks for the help as I had problems with my first Linux session and
couldn't get the Linux box on to the Windows network.

I seem to have managed to get things working by adding "netbios name =
webserver" to the config file. Then creating and adding a password to a
user account using "smbpasswd -a NEWUSER"

The original config (delivered with SuSE) had no such entry and didn't
mention it - seems to be important though....

Suddenly I could see the Linux box and can send data to it in the new
user's directory. It appears in my workgroup MJB called WEBSERVER and it is
possible to work in the home/NEWUSER/ directory.

My favorite tip was from Christoph:
>A) as a beginner you should use swat to edit smb.config
>A.1) open yast2, choose yast2 module, choose network basics, choose the
>icon with the traffic lights.
>Choose : yes start inet ...
>Choose the line with "swat" in front and make it aktive, save changes.
>Now swat is reachable through http://yourcomputer:901 locally and
>Use your root password to connect.

Works great and allows an inexperienced user like myself to make fast
progress in a user friendly environment.

Least favorite tip:
>Learn bash, vi, sed, grep, cat, less, find, cd, ls, chown, chmod, locate,
and cut.
>All of these, except vi, have good man pages (man ls or man bash). There
>books on bash, vi, and sed, and they are needed.

Good way to freighten anyone back to the Windows world.....

What I can not yet do is transfer data from the Linux box to a Windows PC
from the Linux machine - I don't know how to view the network !!!! (In
Conquerer there is a LAN view symbol but it says "No protocol" when I click
it.... Must be an easy way somewhere and will keep on poking around.



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