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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
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> I used to have a novell print server; at the moment we consider to
> migrate to a samba (2.2.5-124) controlled printserver using cups
> (1.1.15-69) on Suse 8.1.
> Problem is: Using Novell the print queue you see on the (win-) client is
> automatically updated every few seconds. Using Samba it is not updated;
> means you have to click on refresh to get the actual queue. Is this a
> client (redmont-wincrap) or a server (samba/cups) problem? Does anybody
> have the same problem? Is there a fix? thanx in advance chris

I missed the original post so maybe someone has described this already.
There are some known issues with Samba's print change notify 
implementation in Samba 2.2.  These have been corrected in the Samba 
3.0/HEAD cvs branches.

Mostly likely it is a Samba bug that is causing the client to ignore 
update event to the queue listing.

cheers, jerry
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