[Samba] Samba as PDC for WinXP, Win9

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Mon Jan 27 14:50:24 GMT 2003

	Localization of the OS should have no bearing on this issue. The only   
thing localization could/should affect is which government agency   
receives your personal documents during the near continuous contact that   
ALL WinXP based machines makes to the 'net. (I need more coffee that was   
a bit more sarcastic then usual, sorry.)

	The issue is likely related to the release of Windows XP that is in use.   
All Windows XP's are not created equal.

	For ANY Domain use, VPN tunneling, Dual Processor, you MUST be using   
Windows XP Professional. There is no other way around it, without   
possibly breaking EULA's, copy right law and possibly other laws. (Which   
might involve borrowing DLL's and other things from Windows XP Pro and   
importing those into Windows XP Home Edition.) Windows XP Pro also   
supports encrypted file systems, which is not available on XP Home.

	Windows XP Home Edition is a toy that is meant purely for home use. It   
doesn|t support Domain Authentication, it will also never support dual   
processor systems. It does have some nice features and is based off of   
the Windows NT kernel, but it has a Home Version of the networking   
component and other important subsystems.

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Simon A. F. Lund wrote:
> Hello!
> Ive just got the lovely job of converting and old Windows NT 4
> fileserver to FreeBSD, ive set up samba before as a simple fileshare   
> this place requires roaming profile login from WinXP, Win98 and Win95
> clients.
> My question is whether or not any of you people have any experience   
> this and might be able to give some tips on the way? I've tried fidling   

> with it but i cant get my WinXP clients to logon to the domain :(
I've got exactly the same problem, except I don't need roaming profiles.
I modifier the registry keys in XP workstations, but it still won't work.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the localisation of the XP
version? I'm using a French one.

> I need all the help i can get :)
> regards
> Simon

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