[Samba] Windows accounts with samba

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Mon Jan 27 14:46:19 GMT 2003

	Yes, there is a line in the smb.conf called 'domain admin group ='

	Just put the UNIX group name that you wish to have admin rights on   
Windows to there. Then open up your group file and add whomever needs   
those rights on the system. I have found that needs to be done the first   
time that a user account is setup on a Windows workstation when Office   
needs to install a few files to the registry. After that, you can log the   
workstation off and make them a regular user once again.

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I run samba 2.2 as pdc and have the following problem:
When I log onto win2k with an account form the samba-pdc, the Windows
Account that is "created" is restricted, i.e. doesn't have the privileges   
change the registry etc. I can change this by adding each user on each
workstation manually.
My question is: Is it possible to change this for the entire domain - or   
least for one workstation?

Thanks in advance!

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