[Samba] samba connection

Philippe Vigneau philippe.vigneau at thales-is.com
Mon Jan 27 14:05:01 GMT 2003


I've installed Linux (mandrake 9.0) on my Pc at work... Internet is OK.. 
but I can't access the NT network from linux...

If I do smb://localhost:901 : I see no files, but I can see the title columns
(Nom,Taille, Type de fichier, Modifié, Droits d'accès)

If I do smb://gva0006/D : It asks me for identification, but I've tried to
fill it with every passwords I know, nothing helps... gva0006/d is a windows
shared disk that I can access from my windows partition...

if I do ping gva0006 or ping //gva0006 it is KO

if I ping (that is the IP address for gva0006) it's OK



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