[Samba] Samba print permissions for specific users/groups wanted

Thomas Eisenzopf tez at exima.at
Mon Jan 27 13:07:00 GMT 2003


I installed a samba server (2.2.7) with a NT domain and printing support
without problems, everything is working fine. Client OS is Windows 2000.

Now I want to give specific permissions to the printers, for example group
"users1" has permission to print to "lp1", group "users2" to "lp2". Everyone
is allowed to print to "lp3", but not to "lp1" and "lp2".

I tried to figure out, how to manage this. As far as I know I have to use
Windows 2000 ACLs from the Windows 2000 user interface, and no samba
specific settings. But always everyone can print to every printer. I also
searched usenet with google, but didn´t succeed.

Any help is appreciated!

Best regards,

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