[Samba] RE: linux server completely hangs copying files with samba

Davide Cavaleri davide.cavaleri at libero.it
Sun Jan 26 23:09:00 GMT 2003

so, after infinite tries and different combination of bios settings, 
modules loaded, ethernet adapter i concluded that what makes the system 
crash is having the ----  usb-ohci.o ----- module loaded; i removed all the 
modules installed by mandrake and it was ok for at least 100 GB of 
transfer; loading the usb-ohci.o module even during copying makes the 
system crash after a time between few seconds and 5 minutes. when it 
crashes the ide led remains lit, so must be some problem involved with ide 
as dragan said. making few changes in the bios i had ether card and usb 
sharing irq 9; i thought was the reason, but letting the ether card have 
irq 9 and the usb irq 11 was giving the same problem; pratically speaking i 
don't need usb, so i can leave the module unloaded or even better disable 
it from bios; but teoretically speaking it would be nice to understand what 
is going on; with usb-ohci.o loaded it happens only with large transfer 
rates, so disabling dma is not giving crash; even ricompiling the kernel, 
which i don't understand why the transfer rate of the ethernet card become 
slower (any suggestion why?) saves from hangs.
i think i'll sleep anyway and that's what i'm going to do.


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