[Samba] cannot find network path

Matthew Thomas zelnaphon at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 26 21:51:01 GMT 2003

I have samba running on Red hat Linux 7.3.  I have a cable modem and router 
that connect 1 linux and 3 windows (2000(2) and 98(1)) boxes.  the router is 
also a DHCP server.  I can see my samba machine in network neigborhood but i 
cannot reach the shares set up.  The error is always network path not found. 
  I can ping the machine from anywhere on my network but I cannot get 
nmblookup to find the samba machine either.

i have  set up lmhosts on my windows machines and I have enabled WINS on my 
linux/samba machine.

why can I see but not find my samba machine?

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