[Samba] NVC for Domino Virus Warning!

Wolfgang.Czolbe at KAMPF.de Wolfgang.Czolbe at KAMPF.de
Sun Jan 26 17:02:03 GMT 2003

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NVC for Domino Virus Warning

This is an automatically generated message.

A possible virus, 'Yaha.E at mm', was detected in attachment
'Neu_Textdokument.zip_.scr' in document '[Samba] Neu Textdokument'.

Database: 'KAWILK01 Mailbox'.

Document was apparently created on '26.01.2003 17:45:16' by
samba-admin at lists.samba.org.

Recipients and CCs: samba at samba.org .

The infected attachment was quarantined.

The attachment was deleted.

More info at: www.norman.com

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