[Samba] Samba spoolfile name

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sun Jan 26 15:03:01 GMT 2003

megaprint2 at planet.nl wrote on Samba-Digest:

> Situation:
> I am running Samba 2.2.7a as my DPC in a small business network with =
> win98/ME clients.
> A big Fiery printer/scanner/copier device is also part of this network. =
> It has its own printserver.

Which one is it? What is the print engine attached to it? "Big" Fierys
often have their own SMB service built in (probably based on Samba, if
the Fiery-RIP is not based on a MS operating system)...

Can you do a "smbclient -L <Fiery-IP-address>" and get something back?

> Since Win98/ME can not print to an LPD queue directly,

Probably you can access it as a "shared printer" (if it really is a
"big" Fiery). Maybe it is not enabled. Try to access the builtin web
server by going to


(Your browser probably needs Java enabled to see everything). Here you
might be able to activate it...

> I have setup =
> Samba to spool the printjobs send by the clients to the Fiery server.
> All is working well, but there is a small problem.
> This Fiery server is controlled by its own control software, installed =
> on one of the clients.

Which one of the various control software(s)? Is it the "Command Workstation"?

> The program shows all jobs in the server's queue, but they all have =
> names like 'smbprn.57834772.sefkjbv'.

What is the print subsystem underneath Samba? (CUPS, LPrng, BSD-LPD....)
What is the Operating System Samba runs on? Which print protocoll do you
use to send the jobs off from Samba to the Fiery? (Fieries normally
can do LPD and AppSocket (a.k.a. HP JetDirect), and newer ones can often
do IPP and SMB).

> Since I sometimes have to print the same job hundreds if times, I am not =
> always able to find the right job in the list, because of those abstract =
> names.
> So my question is: How can I make Samba spool files with the original =
> jobname, as sent by the client, to the Fiery server?

For me, using CUPS as the print subsystem, and a Fiery accessed via
AppSocket or LPD, there is no problem seeing the original job name
on the Fiery via "Command Workstation"....

> I know it is possible to echo the original jobname to a file, but I =
> would be forced to keep a complete listing of all printjobs that way.
> Can Anyone help me?

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