[Samba] linux server completely hangs copying files with samba

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Sun Jan 26 10:31:02 GMT 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Dragan Krnic wrote:

> >Which IDE chipset? We ran our network on a machine runnning
> >essentially 9.0 (cooker but with 2.4.19-16mdk kernel, and most
> >server components and libraries haven't changed) on a 120GB
> >IDE disk for a week with no problems, with dma enabled. So
> >it might be chipset specific.
> Good question! The chipset in my case was i845 from Intel.
> I had it running for a month in a sandbox with only a couple
> of clients, but when I eventually took it into production and
> added 40 clients it would simply freeze from time to time
> necessitating a cold start.

IIRC, the i845 does give problems with DMA enabled under 2.4.19, I think
smoe people are having more success with the latest kernels ...

> My distro is SuSE 8.1, but 2.4.19 is 2.4.19 is 2.4.19, right?
> I'd never go back to IDE even if I knew the problem is
> solved. At my home I can use anything, it doesn't matter.
> But a file server may be privileged with a couple of decent
> SCSI drives if you're serious. And besides, 15 Krpm LVD disks
> are a lot faster than 7200 IDEs and I can string many more on
> the same wire.

And even better if you cah do hardware RAID ... and then use LVM over that
;-). Our new Dell PowerEdge 2500 has 5*36GB/15k LVDs setup like that, and
is stable as a rock (so far, it's only been in production for a few


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