[Samba] Dependency problem with RPM

Jeff Biss jeff at marco-inc.com
Fri Jan 24 22:59:01 GMT 2003


I searched for a solution with this but found none, hopefully you can 
address this.

I just downloaded the samba-2.2.7a-1.i386.rpm and attempted to install 
it on my Redhat 7 Linux system (ver 2.2.16-22) and it failed due to the 
following failed dependencies:


When I look through my system I find all of the files:


How do I point the samba rpm to these locations? Are these the valid 
locations? When I enter "rom -q perl" the following is returned: 
"perl-5.6.0-9" so I would think that the *.pm files would be found, 
unless the samba rpm is NOT looking for the *.pm files.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Jeff Biss

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