[Samba] Disabling symlink following

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Fri Jan 24 22:29:01 GMT 2003


	Unless I am seriously mistaken, I believe that by adding this 'wide   
links = no' to each share section will end the ability to create and use   
symlinks on your shares.

	I am unsure why anyone would want to really include symlinks into a   
Samba share. Does anyone care to enlighten me?

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Is there any way to specify in smb.conf that you don't want to follow
symbolic links, or to somehow disable this in smbclient? I have an smb
file indexer, and whenever it hits a linux box with a symlink pointing
to the current directory, it creates thousands of extra entries. I'd
like to be able to simply not follow symbolic links, as I have no way of
disabling the "follow symlinks" option on the server.


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